a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Anthony DiMuzio has an unwavering obsession with music that started when he was only a child studying classical piano and music theory at the college conservatory of music in Cincinnati. In time this passion learning music evolved a passion for creating it. 

He has traveled the country guitar and hand playing and writing songs drawing from a wide range of musical styles and genres telling stories of love loss and everything in between.

His greatest inspiration, however, remains his late father Paul DiMuzio. Anthony remembers waking up to the sound of his father playing and singing  from his vast repertoire of songs from a the Beatles to Led Zeppelin and from Bod Dylan to Marvin Gaye right in his living room. Anthony hopes to honor his fathers musical legacy through his own creation and to share with the world the same passion and excitement for life and music  that his father had.